Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chapter 4: Lost Connection

For the past few weeks, i can't really get the chance to online. So, it is very hard for me to post any new posts. I think in this week i will have more excess to internet. I will post more post when i have the time.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chapter 3: Flying-fox And Abseiling

At last, the day had arrived. All the adventurous trainees in D'Jelapang camp had waited for this moment since the day we sat for the briefing. Some were excited as they finally had this particular chance to experience what is flying-fox and abseiling are all about. Some were afraid as they have to take off from from a building which is about 4 storey tall. For me, i have mixed feelings. I was both excited and scared. Happy because I finally had the chance to experience flying-fox. Scared because i have to jump down from a 4 storey building.On the 3rd of March 2009, my company's members got ourselves ready to experience flying-fox. Since my camp doesn't get any verification that flying-fox is safe to be played, we had to go to another camp to play. Therefore, we went to UUM Sintok camp to play flying-fox and abseiling. We get prepared at about 8 a.m. The shuttle needed about 40 minutes to reach UUM Sintok camp. By the time we reached there, we were quite astonished. This tower was even taller than we can imagined! The trainers picked 20 guys to do flying-fox first. I was the quite lucky guy as i was in that group. Wearing the safety gears was quite difficult as i haven't war it before. Nevertheless, i managed to pull it through. At that time, my heart beat was increasing minute by minute. I was getting more and more nervous. Should I do it or should I just see people do it? Finally, I decided to do it although i was still very nervous.After we wore all the safety gears, we were set to go. We have to climbed up to the 5th floor to play flying-fox. Upon reaching the bottom of the tower, we have to sign some kind of document which i am not too sure what it is all about. After that, we started to walk up to the top floor. When we reached the top, we have to line-up for final inspection before we were being hanged to the steel rope. When we were ready, the trainers gave us a push and we were on our way down. That feeling is rather hard to be explained by words. For short, it was a really enjoying experience.

After the flying-fox, it was the abseiling. We have to take off our flying-fox safety gear and put on the abseiling gear. Again, we have to sign an unknown document. After the trainers inspected our safety gear, we went up to the 4th floor this time. This time, two ropes were attached to our safety gear. One is the rope to be hold when we were on our way down and another rope is the safety rope. Going down was rather a tiring process. Nevertheless, it was still a one of a lifetime experience for me.

After that, we had our lunch at the same area. The meal served was quite ok as it was chicken rice. Ater that, we went back to our camp. I really hope that i have the chance to play flying-fox again.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chapter 2: Canoe

On the 23 of February 2009, my company went for our first and last canoe practice. Since my camp's pond had dried up, we have the chance to go to Kedah's water park. My trainers told me that this park is actually for the rich and famous only. At that moment, I feel like "Wow!". A park for the rich and famous and now i get the chance to got there. Not bad at all. We boarded the bus at 1.30 p.m and reached the park at about 2.30 p.m. When we reached the park, I was astonished. Such a beautiful park it is. We straight went into the water after wearing our life jackets. I teamed up with Wen Jian who is from Perak.Everyone got into their canoes and waited for the instructions from the teachers. When the teachers said it was a go, everyone swang their paddle with all thier might. Everyone was banging one another as it was a new experience for us and we can't really controlled the canoe well. Well, it was quite fun although the time allocated for us to enjoy ourselves is just 20 minutes. I wished that i had the chance to play canoe again. It was not enough even to warm me up!
From left: Joel(Penang), Jin Heng(Kedah), me(Perak) and Wen Jian(Perak)

From left: Jin Heng, me , Cikgu Azhar, Cikgu Mahmud and Joel

After practising canoe, I went to wash my legs and hands at a nearby toilet. After that, there are food stalls selling food and drinks. I ordered a bowl of ice-kacang and a plate of fried noodles. It was really delicious as i can't taste such wonderful dishes in the camp. Since that was was quite a hot day, I ordered another bowl of ice-kacang. I wished the time could be stopped at that moment as I really enjoyed the feel of having something so cold like ice-kacang during a hot and sunny day.

Me and Joel enjoying ice-kacang

At about 4.45 p.m, we went to back to our camp and we bid farewell to this wonderful park. I wished that i had the chance to come to this park again. Miss my time at Camp D'Jelapang. Miss my friends... (HuHu)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chapter 1 : Back In Taiping

At last I am back in Taiping. After undergoing 3 months of National Service stint, finally I am back to the place where I belong. I still miss the time that I spent at the D'Jelapang camp where I mixed around with guys and girls from the northen states of Malaysia. Everything seems to be new to me and I gained quite a lot of experience from attending the 3 months stint. There are too much to talk about and i will give more details in the following posts.